Matt Stuart

All That Life Can Afford


All That Life Can Afford documents the nuances and oddities of London’s busy streets in a series of images taken in the capital between 2002 and 2015.


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All That Life Can Afford – the brand-new, third edition of this acclaimed title is now available from Bluecoat Press. This new volume brings together over 10 years of work, all made while navigating the streets of London and beyond. Despite being on its third edition, the book remains timeless. It has been fully redesigned by Tom Booth Woodger, who has increased the size of the new edition, which also features previously unseen images in the updated and refined sequence.


“More generally – and equally improbably – Matt Stuart has made one of the famously grey capitals of the world into a city of vibrant colour… In a working city, these colours are not just decorative; they are obliged, understandably, to do their share of compositional load-bearing and storytelling. The result? An endless blossom of momentary metamorphoses that are turned, in turn, into something permanent. Another name for this – for the skateboarder turned photographer – might be arrested development. No Entry signs invite us in. Red routes (no stopping) and yellow lines (no waiting) urge us to do exactly the opposite. And he lets us.”

Geoff Dyer, author of The Ongoing Moment


Matt’s photographs explore those rare magical moments when people, objects and locations work perfectly together to create images that explore the tender moments and human life in a busy capital city. Injected with humour, wit and boldness, Matt’s street photography has gained global recognition for its brilliance and unique qualities. In his own words: “Buy a good pair of comfortable shoes, have a camera around your neck at all times, keep your elbows in, be patient, optimistic and don’t forget to smile.”


– Oversized hardback with two-colour foil blocking

– 330x225mm

– Incredible CMYK reproductions from MAS Matbaa
– Over 100 pages and 51 images, including some never-before-seen photographs

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