About Us

Bluecoat Press is a London-based publisher that specialises in making photobooks.

Now proudly owned by 1854 Media, publishers of British Journal of Photography, Bluecoat Press was founded by Colin Wilkinson in 1992, and for over 30 years has produced over 200 books with artists across photography. Bluecoat Press specialises in publishing the work of British photojournalists and social documentary photographers including John Bulmer, Jim Mortram, Tish Murtha, and many others. In 2022 Bluecoat Press was acquired by 1854 Media and is now run by Tom Booth Woodger. With its new direction, we hope to maintain the respect that has been garnered over the past 30 years but also push our books into a contemporary space. There are many ways we are working towards this, including diversifying the range of artists and works we publish, and raising production and design standards.We are striving to be a positive force in the publishing industry, creating beautiful books to represent the voices of different artists. Reaching beyond the arts and photography into the lives of people who cannot normally access books is something Bluecoat Press is aiming for as we grow. Creating more accessibility to art is key to growing its uptake and involvement by future generations.