Casey Orr

Saturday Girl


Since 2013 Casey has photographed in towns and cities throughout the UK with a pop up portrait studio on Saturday afternoons. Saturday Girl (2013 – Present) is an award winning collection of portraits of young women in the UK. The series has been exhibited in multiple locations including galleries, festivals, photoessays and publications. Saturday Girl won the Format Festival Award in 2019.

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ISBN 9781908457660
Colour 210 x 280mm portrait + 164pp


Saturday Girl is a series of portraits of young women – teenagers – in Leeds, specifically as seen through their hairstyles. It is an exploration of hair and its cultural meaning for young women, and how they experience and use the power inherent in becoming visible as women. Saturday Girl was conceived after seeing so many young women in Leeds with ‘big hair’; hair teased and back-combed, styled and extended with hairpieces and wigs. The project is an exploration of undercurrents in culture, the unspoken signs that tell of our values and tribe identities and how these things burst forth (whether we intend them to or not) in self-expression.

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