Like You’ve Never Been Away

Photographer Paul Trevor
Format Hardcover and softcover: 136 pages.
Hardcover ISBN 9781908457387 RP £25.00
Softcover ISBN 9781908457417

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In December 1974, Paul Trevor came to Liverpool as a member of the Exit Photography Group: three young photographers collaborating on a project to document life in Britain’s inner cities. Paul stayed for six months photographing the hardships faced by people, particularly children, at a time of economic decline and social unrest. In 1982, some of his photographs were published in Survival Programmes: In Britain’s Inner Cities – a book of Exit’s work that is now regarded as one of the most significant documentary projects of its time. In 2011, National Museums Liverpool organized an exhibition of Paul’s work, most of which had remained unseen and unpublished. The show at the Walker Art Gallery attracted 64,000 visitors. People expressed their reactions in the Gallery’s comment books. Four books were filled. Here is a small sample:

‘Social documentary at its finest. One of the best collections I have seen’.

‘My mum once said she felt guilty for all the things I didn’t have as a child. I never felt like I’d missed having anything. These photos remind me why. Thank you.’

‘Fantastic, emotive, honest, humorous documentary of Liverpool. A beautiful piece of history.’

‘A rare and beautiful discovery for me. Your book is wonderful and must rank among the greatest books of street photography I have ever seen.’

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